"Music Take In"

International Music Foundation

The Music Foundation was established in 2015. Since May 2015 the organization of the Foundation produced several concert programs in a frame of the festival. It was performed first in Russia and later, in June, they had 13 successful performances in the Netherlands and Germany.

The main idea of the Foundation is bringing classical music to a broader listener through unusual way of performing. The idea meeting classical music in the most unexpected venues: among the rowers on the riverbank, on the opening of the exhibition of a famous museum, in the different cafes of the same city every hour or as a part of an entertaining program in a conference hotel. Nevertheless while breaking the distance and a certain formality between artists and the public, the highest artistic and musical quality stays in a high priority. Only in this case classical music may find new lovers among new generations and open their hearts to its depth and beauty.

Another unique thing about our concept is that the core of each musical program of the festival is the unity of relishing drinks, and genius music that suits the drinks contextually. The tradition of combining music and various drinks has been living for centuries. A well-prepared blend of these two arts can lead to the most intense emotional expression and enjoyable perception of both.

Shortly about programs

For about an hour the public is drowned into the charming atmosphere of staged theatrical version of Bach`s Coffee or Bauern Cantata, accompanied by a glass of beer or a cup of coffee. These two programs include a small chamber orchestra and three fantastic singers.
Another musical program "Take In Russian Traditions" opens the unique story about Russian family of 19th century, drowns the listener into traditional Russian "Salon de Musique" where each artist lives his own story though the whole concert and in a meantime sings the most beautiful Russian Romances and drinks a typical Russian Tea from the Samovar.
In comparison to other two projects, this small theater has more home-like and cozy atmosphere, every member of the public is offered to try Russian Tea from Samovar and typical Russian snacks, such are baranki, home-made jam and other delicious things.